Every Child is Unique

We provide home and school-based intervention as we believe children learn and generalize skills the best when they are in an environment they are most comfortable. Through collaboration with you and other vital members of your child’s team, our goal is to help your child reach their full potential, increase skills in every domain and across a variety of settings with our individualized intervention plans. Ultimately, the long term goal is to improve the quality of life for your whole family.

Our Services

We will provide initial and ongoing assessment to assess your child’s skills and create an individualized plan. Assessment tools that we may use: VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, PEAK, ESDM, Social Skills assessment, AFLS.

When in-person therapy is not available, we offer telehealth for children. Telehelath is done through experienced therapists and goals for each client could be the same goals as in-person sessions.

ABA therapy doesn’t have to be limited to only when the child is in a session with a therapist. We love providing parent training and parent coaching with the families we work with. Sharing with them strategies that they can use in their daily life and routines. Parent training can look different for each family! Some families go through our parent training workshops, for some we work on creating a plan and goals around a certain behaviour or routine, and for some it simply looks like practicing or generalizing a skill that’s currently being worked on in sessions.

In-home therapy: Having sessions at home could look a lot like your child having a playdate with an adult, goals chosen for each child would be embedded into different play and structured activities.

School based therapy: We provide school support in your child’s preschool/daycare/after school care when needed and goals could include teaching communication, social, play and group skills.

We will also consult and collaborate with the other professionals and school staff on your team to ensure generalization and consistency of goals and skills