Olivia Liu

Behavioural Consultant

Olivia graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Capilano University in early 2019, she started her Master of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis from St. Cloud State University in the Fall of 2019. Olivia has been working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) since the beginning of 2016 in home and school settings. Since 2017, Olivia has volunteered at Autism Community Training (ACT) and attended many workshops from different professionals . She worked as an Education Assistant for the Burnaby School District from 2018 – 2019 in order to gain experience and learn more about the school system. Olivia is an ally/supporter of the neurodiversity movement and is passionate about creating a positive relationship with each child she works with. Some of Olivia’s special interests are creating engaging educational materials, telehealth, and language/nonverbal communication. She is the creator of the instagram page “Dreamcreative_”  where she shares resources for educators around the world. Olivia is fluent in English, can understand conversational Mandarin and Cantonese.